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  • Therapy and you


    Feeling stuck, frustrated, sad, confused or hopeless? You are not alone. With the help of a therapeutic ally you can:


    *Decrease stress and anxiety


    *Replace unwanted habits


    *Decrease negative thoughts


    *Create more joy and ease


    *Process past experiences


    *Increase general wellbeing and



    *Work toward a new goal


    *Increase your ability to problem solve


    As a clinical counselor, I can help those of all ages, backgrounds and current levels of functioning. I have worked with very young children to mature adults, as well as with high functioning clients to acutely ill ones.


    The teenage years present a special challenge and opportunity for growth and change. I specialize in helping teenagers gain the tools they need and find support they want as they build a strong and functional identity in the world.


    Whether through cognitive skills, mindfulness skills, yoga and body awareness, or a combination of any of these three modalities, everyone can benefit from therapy.







    Laura Burke MA, RCC

    Vancouver BC

    I work with adolescents, children, families, and any one in need. I offer a unique therapeutic combination of cognitive behavioral and mindfulness skill building, complimented by yoga, grounding skills and body awareness.

    Change your thoughts, change your life

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Remove barriers, get unstuck, and create more freedom, choice and ease in your life with tools from this empirically supported style of therapy.

    Healthy mind and body

    mindfulness, meditation and yoga

    A quiet mind grounded in a strong healthy body can enable you to move through the world with more ease, peace and enjoyment.

  • My qualifications

    Registered Certified Counsellor (RCC) - BCCCA Membership #13314


    Crime Victims Assistance Program Registered Counsellor (BC Ministry of Justice)


    Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT- 200)


    M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counselling

    - Union Institute and University


    B.A. in Psychology

    - West Virginia University

    Cultivating Courage and Compassion in the Teenage Years: Psycho-education and support for parents of teenagers


    Continuing Education: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)


    Continuing Education: Yoga for Depression


    Graduate Thesis: iFound: Initiating the Task of Adolescence Through Stress Reduction and Cognitive Behavioural Skill Building: A Ten Week Program for Eighth Graders

    My Experiences

    Individual and family counselling with clients diagnosed with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and histories of trauma


    Six years of work with at-risk-youth in wilderness, residential, home and community settings


    Extensive behavioural and therapeutic support work with children, adolescents and their families


    Group therapy in a Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization program with adults suffering from acute mental illness


    Group and individual work with victims of domestic violence

    My passions

    I love working with clients to help them find and use tools in order to get where they want to go and find more fulfillment in life.


    I especially love working with teenagers as they find their paths in life. At this challenging time of life, a supportive therapeutic relationship can be crucial.


    I love hiking, backcountry snowboarding, yoga, reading, live music, biking around the city, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family.

  • tools for your journey

    Thoughts, links, and information on getting to where you want to be

  • Has conflict been on the rise in your house?

    get the support you need to support your teenager

    The teenage years can be hard on everyone in the family. As a teenager struggles to create his or her own self in the world, parents often feel frustrated at choices made, sad at the loss of the young child they understood so well, afraid of painful outcomes for the teenager, and at a loss as to how to help. Increasing frustration and conflict on all sides of the family is not unusual. Supporting a teenager through this intense period requires a whole new set of skills, both personally and interpersonally.


    Through this 2 hour workshop, learn and practice new skills in order to:

    • Understand normal teenage brain development and behavior
    • Understand your reactions to your teen and gain skills to respond in a way which cultivates the growth of courage and compassion for everyone
    • Understand your role as a parent in the relationship with your emerging young adult


    Continue learning and building support with the 8 week parenting group

    Building Mindfulness and Mastery.

    Coming to Britannia Community Centre September 28, 2017. Go to britanniacentre.org to register.

  • Contact Me

    Currently accepting new clients in the East Van community and in Kitsilano at Harbourside Family Counselling Centre



    Individual, Family or Parent/Child counselling sessions


    Parental support through individual sessions or group workshops


    Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness training


    Can I be of service to you or someone you care about? Please contact me with any questions or inquiries.

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