• The power of yoga

    deepen your experience

  • The power within

    Yoga is a powerful tool to harness the power of the body and the mind. Through asana (physical postures) we build the ability to:


    *build physical and emotional strength


    *release emotions


    *gain physical and emotional flexibility


    *gain control over our bodies and our minds


    * deepen knowledge of ourselves


    *become steady in the face of challenge and uncertainty


    *find balance in all areas of our lives

    Classes for Everyone

    Deep Vinyasa Flow

    I love using challenging and heat building physical sequences to allow the heart to open, the mind to shift, and emotions to flow and pass. Working with flowing breath and movement, as well as working into balancing holds, backbends and inversions, asana allows us to go deep into our human experience and take that experience to the next level. 

    Yoga as Therapy

    Complimenting the therapeutic experience

    Yoga can be an amazing compliment to the powerful work you are doing in therapy, allowing you to integrate and embody the skills of working with your thoughts and emotions. Yoga can also deepen your ability to ground yourself and stay strong and balanced as you work through challenges.

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